Did Jeb Bush Steal #JebCanFixIt Slogan? Watch This Campaign Video!

Mon, 02 Nov 2015 22:17:14 UTC by Alan Duke

Jeb Bush is catching a lot of Twitter heat for his new campaign slogan "Jeb Can Fix It." Tweeted memes quickly made it a trending topic, but not necessarily for the reasons the GOP presidential hopeful intended.

Some tweets suggested that the younger Bush's biggest "fix it" was in November 2000 when as governor of Florida he helped "fix" the vote to make his older brother president.

But consider this entertaining reaction from Jimmy Flannigan, who ran for city council in Austin, Texas, last year with the slogan "Flannigan Can Fix It." Flannigan is pretty resourceful, considering he bought the web domain JebCanFixIt.com and is using it to point out that Bush copied his theme. Watch Flannigan's amazing campaign video from 2014 to see what Jeb Bush might do next:

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