Video: How Jeb Bush Is Not Donald Trump

Fri, 18 Dec 2015 19:00:19 UTC by Alan Duke

On the same day a new poll shows Jeb Bush in a distant 4th behind Donald Trump in the Republican presidential race, the Bush campaign releases a video intended to contrast their candidate's strengths against Trump's personality.

The 11-minute video follows Bush as he does one-on-one campaigning and at rallies. The obvious message is that while Bush may not be as entertaining as Trump, he is authentic.

"I like this tie," Bush said in a campaign stump speech, a clip apparently intended to show he did not just listen to political advisors who didn't want him to wear it. While Bush may get some votes because he chooses his own tie, Trump supporters might point out that their candidate has his own line of ties.

The 11-minute video includes a soundbite from CNN political reporter Dana Bash repeating their message: "He is who he is and he's not going to be somebody he's not," Bash said. "If you want somebody who's going to be able to just throw things away by tossing to the commercial break after 'The Apprentice,' that's not a president."

The Public Policy poll released on Friday, December 18, 2015, shows trump with 34% support, Ted Cruz far behind in second with 18%, followed by Marco Rubio at 13% and Jeb Bush in fourth with 7% of the likely Likely GOP primary voters.

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